The Dinosaurs

December 12, 2017


by Aiden.

Once upon a time lightning zapped water and then dinosaurs came out of the water. The dinosaurs were wrecking the place and no-one could stop them.

The lightning zapped the water again and all the dinosaurs fell into the water.

The Powerful Knight

November 29, 2017


by Aiden.

Once upon a time there was a giant thunderstorm and a knight came to save people.

A scary dangerous ghost with dangerous powers appeared in the king’s castle. It started a fire in the castle. The knight saw smoke coming from the king’s room. The knight ran to the King’s castle.

(To be continued)

The Knight’s Castle

November 29, 2017


by Aiden.


Once upon a time there was gigantic thunderstorm and a knight came to save people.

A scary, dangerous ghost with dangerous powers appeared in the King’s castle. It started a fire in the castle.

The knight saw smoke coming from the king’s castle. The knight ran to the king’s castle…..

To be continued.

Lego Ninjago

November 29, 2017


by Josh.

Lego Ninjago.

The Great Devourer consumed an entire town. The Ninja Jayzx and Kaizkzanzx.

Then a titanium dragon came breathing ice. Then Zane got his ice neck.

To be continued……………



November 28, 2017


by Robbie.

Last year I went 170 mph down the motorway in a GTR.

I was doing a drift round the roundabout.

My friend Josh and I went to McDonald’s. I had a plain cheese burger and Josh had a Big Mac.

Josh and I made a ram car and we went making other cars fly. Someone else came along and tried to ram us.

Then we saw one of my friends. He was driving a R8.

We went to buy Josh a new car. It was a Lambarghini. Then we went to a monastery and made some noise. Then we went to park our cars.


The New Car

November 28, 2017


by Aiden.

Gordon liked a car. He gave £1000 to the shop manager.

He was driving it. Gordon had a crash.

It got fixed.

Cycling Trip

November 28, 2017


by Aiden.

Hi. My name is Aiden.  I am going to tell you about me.

I am an eco rep. I do my job good. I pick up litter.

I go to the woods.. I can climb up mud mountains.

I went to the woods to ride my bike with Bex. She was nice.

I hardly ever turn the wheel.

Climbing at Ratho

November 27, 2017


by Alexander

We went on Friday indoor climbing.

I went high up and all went high up.

We had a harness.

It was fun when I flew down from the rope.

We were there for 4 and a half hours.

We had fun.

Who was there with us – Josh, Jack, Robbie, Tehya, Aiden .

When I Grow Up

November 25, 2017


by Aiden.

When I grow up my job will be a bus driver. When I get better at buses I will move on to drive coaches.

My papa worked with Middle Bluebird. He left Middle Bluebird.

My papa’s coach is a starliner.



May 3, 2017


jack  2 5 17

I went to afrca  to see anamols

There was lions hippo graffes zebas rino  and   fish and the badits afrca hunters and the dam full of water and the anamols havent got any water and we have to take the dam and the anamols have water and so i and the anmolos lived happly ever after



Jamie and Jay quadriding

May 3, 2017


Robbie 02.05.17

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jamie. He went to ride his quad. Instead, he fell off it.

He sold it and he got a motorbike. He went riding on it on the track He got really good at it. He went to someone called Jay. Jay and Jamie went to ride the motorbike at the track. Then Jay started riding it and Jamie told him, “This is how you do it”.

And then Jay went to get his motorbike.He started riding the motorbike on the track. He did some of the stunts. And he said “I’m better off with the quad”, and he sold his motorbike to get the quad. And then he went to the quad shop in Falkirk to get it. He said to his mum:”I’ve got a new quad bike. It goes really, really fast. Did you pick up the trailer?”

“No,” she said.”I’ll go and buy a trailer”.

Story of Undertale

May 3, 2017


jayden 02/05/2017

story of undertale

Sans was selling hot dogs. Paparas started frayin the onons. Toriel asked for a hot dog.  Sans said one hot dog coming up.She sed it was the best hot dog she ever tasted. 1ower leter sans said to chara slised his hot dog in hafe sans sweted they sate down   and had a cup of tea the and donuts a strang man came in he said hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahhhahahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahahhhah

he fanted and died

the end

Jamie and Star Wars

May 3, 2017


Harris                              02.05.17

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jamie and then when he was sleeping he heard a boom.Then he opened his window and then there was a space ship.Then Darvader and then there was a another ship and it was Lukestarwalker came out.Then they started a battle and then when they got Jamie Darvader went back to the dark side.Then the stormtroopers killed some of the good guys and then Han solo came out of nowear with his peeow peeow gun.Then Darvader hit Chewbacka and then they had to get away from republic and then they got away from them and then Chewy died.

The end.

Jack and the Hotel

April 28, 2017


by Jack.

Dreamworks animation and walt Disney picturs prenst a Pixar animation studos film.

Once upon a time there was a boy called jack. He was going to a hotel in the country.

I saw the wedding the bride and groom called Lucy and oOver and the bride and groom told me about the bad guy tent. The man was called boler head guy. Ater the brand and groom levt and jack went to a hotel room were go to a restunt and a swimming  pool and a funfair.

And at night the bride and groom was captured by bloer head guy and I trid to defeat him and to save them and so I leve the hotel and I say goodbuy to braid and groom and I got back to my own house and so I lived happly ever after.

The end



Clash of Rome

April 28, 2017


by Harris

Once upon a time there was a team of romans then when the romans went to the house and then when he went to the secret temple.Then when they got there one of the romans found the secret sword of the secret lion and its gold and it is as hard as metal and then when they got back to the city and then when they got back then they greeks tane his master then when they killed the master the roman sun went on a rampage and then all of the greeks where dead and then they had to find a new house and then they found a temple of light and then they lived there.   To be continued.

Part two.  then when they got to the temple of light and after they found the temple of life and love and they put the master on the plate of life and then he was brough back to life and everyone was happy again then out of nowhere a fire ball came flying in and its was a greek beast and then the skeleton army came out of the ground and they had 1000 skelitons and there was 5000 romans and then the romans went back hame to his master and then they tane the army base and then the army came from the sky and then when they landed the army helped the romans and then there were 5500 and then the greeks came with 10.000 men and then only the romans master was left the end.

by Harris

Clash of Rome

April 28, 2017


by Jayden.

Once upon a time there lived a young Roman who loved to cook with his Gran.

But when he was only 13 years old the Romans attacked his city.  Archers were firing and he hid behind a building. The Romans ran and looked for him but they could not see him. He threw a stone at them and he went to the Temple of Destiny to get the sword of destiny which was a golden sword. He charged towards the Romans and he jumped off the roof and sliced the Roman in the head.

He wasn’t finished baking with his Gran which had made him angry.  He ran towards the one who had all the armour with a shield and a mace – he stabbed him through the armour and he went down with a bang.  The archer shot at him, the arrow hit him in the leg! He was weak, he flung his sword at the archer. He pulled the sharp arrow out of his leg. It made him feel drowsy.

He woke up the next day – a wolf had taken him to his den.  He got up, he rode the wolf to Rome.

To be continued…..


When he got to the door of the other Romans, he got his golden sword and he broke down the gate. One of  the Roman soldiers spotted him and rode towards him. There was a massive clash. He swung his sword up but the Roman put his spear up to dodge his attack. The Roman did a jab but the other Roman knocked the spear out his hand. He ran towards that Roman and stabbed him in the heart. He pulled the sword out.

He saw his gran in the cage. His sword sliced through it. He let everyone go. But the Romans saw the body and released the demon. The demon was red like lava. He had claws sharper than spears. His teeth were as sharp as needles. He had a drill hand. The monster charged towards him and roared, The roar pushed the young Roman back. The Roman flung his sword but the monster smacked it out the way. He went to smack him. He rolled over. He ran towards his sword. the monster turned around. He picked up his sword. He ran towards the monster but the monster blocked his sword swing. The monster flung a lava ball, He flung his sword and it stuck in the beast’s hand.The beast pulled it out. The beast charged towards him. He put his sword out. The beast was slain.

Him and his gran walked home but a skeleton warrior sprang up. A witch had summoned him from the dead. His gran was going to run but he had two weapons.He said:”I have enough for two”. He flung his sword at the witch. The witch died. The skeleton punched him on the stomach and pulled out a hammer.He went to smack but the boy moved out the way. The boy stood up. They had an epic battle.The boy won because of his magical sword. Suddenly he heard a big bang. A giant was walking through the forest. The giant says:”What do you think you are doing in my forest?”

He flung a tree at the young Roman but the Roman sword was so sharp it sliced through the tree wood. He flung the sword at the giant. It stuck in the giant’s head. The giant pulled it out and the Roman ducked. The Roman flung a big was hammer at the giant’s head. The giant fell down. It died.

His gran was hungry>. He only had a sandwich. He cut it in half. He gave his gran some.They went on their journey. Suddenly a greedy pirate popped up. He said: “Give me all your gold!” The Roman said “No”. He pushed the greedy pirate off the bdge.They found their house. He went and ope3ned the door.They started cooking. His gran made a potion of healing. He dank it. He felt better, They lived happily ever after.

The End.