Tom and Jerry Have a BBQ


by Dylan N.

Tom was in his bed with his blanket to keep him warm. Tom was very happy. That day Jerry was up and he went into the kitchen and he opened the fridge to get some food. When his bag was full, he carried it back to his mouse hole. But then Tom woke up and saw Jerry.
“Hey”, shouted Tom.
“Aaaaaaaaaah!” screamed Jerry.
He turned and ran. Tom ran after Jerry. They ran into the garden. Tom’s mother was making a BBQ Jerry jumped up and grabbed some sausages. Then he jumped on Spike. He woke up. Tom grabbed Jerry and then Jerry threw a pie at Tom.

Jerry ran off. He ran back into the house. Tom ran in and he tripped on some string and broke a vase. His mother ran in.
“Tom, that was the last chance! Out you go!”
Then she locked the door.

Spike was inside the house. Tom sat outside. It was beginning to rain. He was lonely. Back in the house, Jerry and Spike saw Tom lying outside frozen. They ran outside to get Tom and they put him down on the sofa. Then Tom woke. The rain had stopped. Tom’s mother said “Sorry”.

They all went out in to the garden and turned on the BBQ and they had some sausages. And when they had finished eating, Tom ran after Jerry and Jerry ran up the climbed the highest branch. Then he stopped. He had gone too far. Tom was snarling and he leaped out for Jerry and missed. And they got more food and they ate it all.

Then Spike chased after Tom and Jerry. They ran and ran until they were puffed out. They went back into the house and turned on the TV and they watched every channel. “Click”.

It began to get dark and they all went to bed.
The end

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  1.   Scott Says:

    hi dylan i liked your story about tom and jerry and i also liked your picture to i realy think your getting better with your storys i like the picture with the bbQ well done dylan keep it up and you have done a lot of storys 41 story that is so well done dylan tom and jerry is a very good cartoon it is very very very funny i like tom and jerry.tom and jerrys mum is very very funny to tom always gets the blame from mum for everything for doing things he never done and jerry should have got the blame instead nice work dylan.and dylan keep up the good work well done.


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