Scott and the Russians


by Scott B

In world war three, Scott joined the army. He visited the troops. The troops liked him. There was captain Bob.

They were ready for world war three. So Scott teamed up with Scotland. They got in the plane. Scott said goodbye to his family. Then they flyed out to Poland. When his team got out of the plane the Russians were on the attack. Scott got shot on the leg. Scotland was in danger.

The team healed Scott’s leg and he got up. He shot a Russian. There were some bombers. Scott ran to the ship. He went inside to get his shotgun.

Scott was in a dangerous place so he had a look for one of his friends. Scott was scared. A Russian was inside the boat. He killed a Russian with his shotgun.

There was a bomber. Everyone got inside the boat and they got away from danger. But Scott got tied to a chair by a Russian. Scott got slapped on the face. When Dylan and Dean had been on a plane for three hours, they got off and saved Scott.

Then Scott shot another Russian.

Then his career was over at world war three.

That is the end of my very very real story.

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  1.   Dylan N. Says:

    hi scott that blog you did was great the bit when that russian tied you to a chair was a badboy very bad he was it was a great blog keep up the good work from dylan


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