The Fight in Helmand


by Jonathan M

Hello. This is Jonathan with a story about a Scottish soldier in Afghanistan.

Once, through 2016, there was a boy called Jonathan and he wanted to join the army. So he joined the army, and it was the Scottish TA army. He was ready to face his 24 weeks of training.

Day 1 of Jonathan’s training. He had a test about what he would want to be in the Scottish army. He picked the front line. He passed his first test, but his second one was just a little bit hard because he had to build his gun which he got given by his training teacher. Jonathan passed his second test.

“Now it’s time for a nice sleep”, Jonathan said to some of his army friends. They all went to their beds at 3 in the morning. Then their training teacher came in at 5 o clock and woke them up. Jonathan said, “Only 2 hours sleep?”

His training teacher said, “If you want to be in the army in the front line you have to get up early”.

Then they went out for their morning jog. After their jog they came in for breakfast and they all had toast with butter or jam. Then after their breakfast they went to practice shooting their guns on the practice field. Jonathan picked up his rifle and started aiming at the target and he shot the target.  There was a guy who said, “Hit! If you miss the target then you put your gun down and let your partner to have a shot of shooting the rifle”.

Then after shooting the rifle we all went for a swim with heavy bags on us. And we have to swim fast, and we all did that. Then after our swim, Jonathan and the Army trainers went out crawling underneath soldiers shooting real rounds of bullets at us. We all had to keep our heads down. So we all got passed that, and at 12 we went to our beds.

Week 19. We got on to “serious stuff” like running about a field with paint ball guns shooting at each other. It was fun. it was like a free for all. Our last week there we a passing-out ceremony. Your family comes and gets your photo took with you in an army suit. But some ones family came 5 minutes late and it was Jonathan’s.  It was ok because they came just in time to get their photo taken with Jonathan.

The person Jonathan is really me in real life.

Then Jonathan went home with 1500 pound for the army training. He got 2 months off before he goes to Afghanistan. So when Jonathan found out he had 2 months off he went on holiday with his family to Egypt and it was fun.

The last day of Jonathan’s holiday. They went home and Jonathan said to his mom and dad that “The army is coming to pick me up at 8 tomorrow morning. So wake me up at 7”. And then Jonathan went to his own bed.

7 o’clock in the morning Jonathan’s mom woke him up.  Jonathan went to have his shower. At 8 o’clock the army was at Jonathan’s house and Jonathan went away. And his mom was crying and Jonathan’s dad said it would be ok. Then Jonathan got to the Scottish army base and he got his Army gear on and got his gun and he went on a helicopter to Afghanistan.

The helicopter was heading to Helmand. They landed right outside Helmand and all of the soldiers ran out the helicopter with their gun. They all ducked because they heard bullets from the east so the crouched down and started crawling though the grass with their snipers and ak47s and the ump45s.  Jonathan had a ump45 and a magnum and he was crawling though the grass. Then all a sudden a grenade came flying right next to Jonathan and Jonathan kicked it away from him and it landed in the water.

Then the soldiers met some of the Helmand village people and they were saying Taliban were destroying their houses and using them as bases to hide in. Then they got to the sandy desert and they seen Taliban up ahead of them and the Scottish soldiers lied down with their rifles and started shooting at them. They went down like chickens. Then the Scottish soldiers standed  up.

Then Jonathan and the rest of the soldiers started to make their camp up and their camp fire with water and food around it and they went to their beds. Jonathan stood up guard all night with his gun. He had an intervention with thermal sights so he could see in the dark. Also he had a heartbeat sensor so it can tell him if any enemy was getting near him. Then morning came and the night was over the soldiers got out from resting and they started a move on. Jonathan was tired and he was half awake but he was still good because he could see enemy ahead. The Scottish soldiers ran up to them and took them hostage and the Afghan soldiers would not tell us anything so we tied them to a tree with no food or water. We left them there so they can’t call back up.

Then the action really happened. The Scottish soldiers where shooting at the Taliban and the Taliban where shooting at us. We had to run zigzag so the snipers could not get us. It was life or death. We lost some soldiers and some soldiers lived. So they got past all of the bullets what was getting shot at the Scottish troops.

Then it was a day to Christmas so they set up an army base and had a Christmas party and there was hundreds of food to eat. At 12 at night the Taliban started to attack us, so we got our guns ready and put out all the lights. Then the Taliban walked in the tent and the Scottish troops started shooting  at the Taliban. They got to the end of Helmand and they got their helicopter and they all got on it. Jonathan was on the gun going home, so that means that Jonathan was shooting some Taliban who were trying to blow us down.

Then they got back to Scotland and they all got paid. And after they got paid they all went home and lived happily ever after.

The end.

It was a true story.

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