Utaka and the Crystal Sword


by Dean W.

We had to fight Utaka. He had a sword and a axe. Me and Dylan were trying to defeat him. But Scott was trying to get a crystal sword out of the ground. It was so hard. He couldn’t get it. So Scott took over from me and I went to get the crystal sword out of the ground. It was coming up slowly. It was a cm to get it out. Then I put it in the treasure bag and I went to Dylan and Scott. I took the sword and defeated the bad Utaka.

But he came back to life. He got the army of dead people. Me, Dylan and Scott had split up. We all swirled around to kill the army of dead people. They fell apart. We got out of the castle. I put a bomb in it. Then we jumped out of the castle. It blew up. It was raining bricks.

Dylan and Scott went into a force field. Romer took us back to the future in the past. We went back to our own world. Romer saved us and I had the ruby and the sapphire and the emerald. We put the crystals into the machine but the weapons didn’t power up.

We went to the war and we put the force field on. But then we saw 4 predators. They asked me to help them against some aliens. I looked at them. They said OK and we went off to destroy the aliens: two enormous baddies. But finally we upgraded our weapons and the baddies blew up. They had stolen gold. We gave the gold back to the guy who works at the museum. Our job was finished. We had a rest and we had something to drink and eat. We travelled to our home and we went to our bed to get some comfiness in the bed. We were tired.

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