Donald Duck versus Chip & Dale


By Scott

Once upon a time there was a duck called Donald Duck. He was in his house making honey and toast.

Then Chip & Dale came to annoy Donald Duck. Chip & Dale made a hole on Donald Duck’s House. They stole the honey then they stole the toast. Donald Duck hit Chip on the head then they ran away with the toast and the honey.

Then Chip & Dale put the honey and the toast in the hole under the tree. Donald Duck tripped up over a tree branch. Then Chip & Dale threw a snowball at Donald Duck.
Chip & Dale laughed, “Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Then Donald Duck ran home and realized the snow got through the chimney because Chip & Dale threw snow down the chimney. Then Donald Duck got a spade and dug the snow up so he could get a good night sleep. Then he was friends with Chip & Dale.

The end of my story.

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