Roamer and Bee Bot and the night before Christmas.


by Dylan N

Roamer was outside in the garden watering the flowers and Bee Bot was doing house work in the truck. It was getting close to Xmas.
Bee Bot said, “Roamer, not even Utaka could steal our presents”.
“That’s just right”, shouted BeeBot. All roamers hate Utaka.
Soon the truck was clean.
“Well done, Bee Bot”, said Roamer watering one more flower.

That night Roamer and Bee Bot were putting up a party for everyone. All their friends came to the party and also his old cousin. His name was Ramer.
“Roamer”, he said, “I can’t wait till Christmas tomorrow”.

When the party was over their friends were going home.
“Goodbye”, they called out as they disappeared into the darkness.
Roamer’s cousin Ramer was scared of the dark.
“Roamer”, said Ramer, “can I stay here tonight?”
“Yes”, said Roamer.

They all went to bed.
“Good night Ramer” said Roamer and Bee Bot.
They turned out the light. The Christmas tree was only to be seen. Ramer fell asleep.

Utaka sneaked into the truck and stole presents. “Yeah!” he screamed.

The next day was Christmas. Ramer and Roamer and Bee Bot got up and went to the Christmas tree. The presents were gone! They ran outside, then to Dylano City. They ran down the road and saw doctor Dylano and Dylan the little dinosaur.
“Help us. Our presents have been stolen.. there, in that Molder mansion.”

Roamer and Bee Bot climbed into the window. They saw the Moulders and killed them and grabbed their presents and ran back to their world and opened their presents and they were happy at last.

The end

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  1.   Jonathan M Says:

    dylan what a good story


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