Tom and Jerry at Christmas


By Dean

One day Tom & Jerry were sleeping on Christmas Eve.

Tom put a trap out for Jerry. Jerry had woken up. Jerry had put dynamite under Tom. Tom was chasing after Jerry and Jerry had jumped in his little bed in the hole and Tom’s head had got stuck in Jerry’s hole. Jerry was pushing Tom’s head out.

Then Jerry had went out to open his presents but Tom picked up Jerry and kicked Jerry out of the house.

Jerry was freezing. He couldn’t move. Jerry was covered up in snow.

Tom was thinking to get Jerry back in the house. Tom went outside, but it was freezing. He went back inside and got his scarf on and his little fluffy hat on.

Tom went outside and seen a little bump. He took the snow off and he grabbed Jerry and put the fire on. Tom and Jerry had got hot and hotter.  Tom turned the fire off and they went to bed.

The End

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