World War 2


by Jonathan

Hello. This is Jonathan M about World War 2.

Once upon a time ago in 1939, Germany invaded Poland because Poland didn’t follow Hitler’s commands. So that’s why the Germans invaded Poland. And also Hitler hated Jews. Back in Britan there were ewo 16 year old boys and their names where Joshua and Jonathan.  Joshua used to get called Afroman and Jonathan use to get called Joke. They wanted to be soldiers and fight for their country.

The British army heard that the Nazis was going to invade Poland so they accepted Jonathan and Joshua straight away and the army sent them to Poland. Jonathan and Joshua had 2 thousand troops with them. Jonathan and Joshua and the troops got a plane to Poland and Jonathan told the polish commander that Adolf Hitler sent Germans to invade Poland. So Poland got its army ready. 2 hours later, the Germans invaded Poland and the British army was waiting for them. Then the Russian army came and waited with the British army. All a sudden, the Germans came running through the gates of Poland shooting innocent people and kidnapping the Jews.

Then the British army heard something and they ran to see what had happened and hundreds of Germans were just sitting about, so the British army started shooting at them. Finally the Germans were out of Poland so the British army went back to Britain and Jonathan and Joshua were still alive. But some of the soldiers who went with them died and some lived. Then the British army got a message from Germany that Britain was going to get bombed. So Britain got ready for them coming. Some of the British soldiers got sent to fight in Berlin, so Jonathan and Joshua went to Berlin as spies and they met Adolf Hitler. They got Adolf tied up and took him back to Britain. But it was not Adolf… it was one of his men. So Jonathan and Joshua went to Germany with troops and they invaded Germany. The soldiers parachuted into Germany and they started shooting at the Germans. But Adolf Hitler was not in Berlin. He was away on business. So we killed the Germans who were in Germany.

The end. Sorry if this true story is too short.

The end.

These are facts you should know.

1.    Do not invade or make your own army
2 .   Try not to make any war
3.    Do not kill any Jews
4    Just live and do the peace

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