The Deadly Bugs

September 27, 2010

By Paul Some bugs are deadly and some have toxin. The deadliest of all is the scorpion. The scorpions have massive pincers. Scorpions can be different types . There is lots of different types of spiders too. The most deadliest is the jumping spider. Tarantulas are the biggest spiders in the world. Some spiders have […]

The Crying Computer

September 22, 2010

by Dylan Once upon a time there was a crying computer. He was sad because he didn’t work and he was never in Deanburn again. That night it was raining and the computer got his suitcase. He was very, very sad. He went out the door and he began to cry. He hated Deanburn School. […]

Trip to the mining museum.

September 22, 2010

By Joshua This is my story about the trip to the mining museum. Me, Jonathan and lots of other people who go to Mr. Antolak’s went to The Scottish Mining Museum in NewtonGrange.  We went down underground and we had to put these helmets on and we had to carry a big battery which we […]

About my Mining Museum

September 22, 2010

by Haris 21.9.10 Last Wednesday 15th September we all went to the mining museum to see how it was like. In the museum it got a Reception that’s got a café/gift shop. Mr. Antolak said to the lady, “Where are the stairs to the 1st room & 2nd room?” Then the lady said, “It’s upstairs”. […]

Mining Museum

September 22, 2010

Spencer. I went to the mining museum. It was great. And I went to see the mans and they are working all day. And it was got a gift shop and I buy a note book and a pencil. And we went to get our lunch. And we went to the play room.

Coal Mine Trip

September 22, 2010

by Jonathan Hello this is Jonathan with a story about my coal mine trip with the EP group. In the coal mine there is danger about the place. When we got there it was a big building. And when we walk in the coal mine there was a big piece of coal on the wall. […]

Mining Museum Trip

September 16, 2010

By Dean It was a long time to get to the mining museum. We went in the museum. It was big so we went back to the bus and got our backpacks. We went to the reception room. We put our backpack on the chair. We went to the room of coal. It told us […]

Cambell’s War

September 8, 2010

by Cambell Cambell  was in chopper gunner in Germany vs UK.  Cambell shoot a Germany man [who] shoot UK. The UK win. The UK team went to the Whitehouse. Dean and Dylan was trapped in the Whitehouse. The chopper gunner [flew to] the Whitehouse. I save Dean and Dylan.

Imaginary Cars

September 8, 2010

by Dylan N Hi I am Dylan. I like drawing. I drew some pictures of monster trucks, cars, machines and also flying cars. The blue truck is Rumbler. He’s the fastest and strongest monster truck ever and he could crush a car. And that’s how I have been drawing those cars. So I hope you […]

Scott in World War Three

September 6, 2010

by Scott Once upon a time, in world war three, Scott went to the army. He got army training. He met his uncle John Dick. Scott and his uncle John Dick had to get up early in the morning for their commander. The commander made a decision that Scott and his uncle John Dick were […]

Crab of Mystery

September 6, 2010

by Ace Crab of Mystery Mister Crab found a magical place. He fights a monster. He won the fight and another monster attacked the city, destroyed houses and hurt the people. The monster attacked Mr Super Crab and Mr Super Crab destroyed the monster. He defeated the other one too.

Roamer and Bee Bot and the Secret Mission

September 3, 2010

by Cambell Roamer and Bee Bot and the Secret Mission “Run after the devil”, said Bee Bot. “I kill Roamer”, said the devil. Roamer said “NO”. Today  Roamer  found $100. Roamer picked up the $100. Roamer saw the devil. Roamer pushed the devil in the volcano. Never see again.


September 3, 2010

By Corey England are the 8th best team in the world. Their manager is Fabio Cappello. Their rivals are Scotland. The 2010 champions were spain. England’s best player is Rooney. There are about 5 Manchester United players which play for England. They played Mexico 2 weeks before the world cup. They won 4-1. England played […]

Rapidough Men Vs Roamer

September 3, 2010

by Billy The rapidough men were playing in the hot sun. “Ahh…”, the yellow man said. Then red rapidough man saw a big, red robot. “I AM ROAMER” “I AM PLEASED TO MEET YOU.” Then all 3 men said, “Hello Roamer.” “YOU ARE GONERS”, he shouted. ! He stole the pluggers and broke the rapidough […]

The Time of the Dinosaurs

September 3, 2010

by Paul Dinosaurs wos big and strong. Some dinosaurs was herbivores and herbivores just eat grass and leaves.   And my favourite dinosaur is the spinosaurus. It has a giant spine. It is much stronger and bigger. But only a little of dinosaurs survived.

Sami & Me

September 2, 2010

by Haris Thursday 2nd September My big brother is called Sami. He is 10 years old. His favourite t.v. show is Top Gear & some other channels he likes. His favourite cartoons is OOPS T.V  & Spongebob Square pants and Ben10. His favourite food is Pizza and chips. He likes to play football. by Haris