Botanic Gardens Trip CANCELLED

November 29, 2010

The Enhanced Provision outing to the Botanic Gardens tomorrow (Tuesday 30th November) has had to be cancelled. There’s too much snow! Sorry! We’ll postpone the trip until another day (when there’s a better chance of us actually arriving there safely). And I was really looking forward to it, too! Mr Antolak

Our Trip to Bannockburn and Stirling Castle

November 26, 2010

by Paul On the twenty-fifth of November, we went on a school trip to Stirling Castle/Bannockburn Centre. We met two knights inside Stirling castle. They were telling us about famous battles. Robert the Bruce was only aged forty when he died. William Wallace wanted to be king, but instead he was a governor. Then William […]

Robert the Bruce

November 26, 2010

By Spencer Robert is the Scottish hero. The English army saw Bruce. The English and Scottish have a battle and the Scottish won and the English had lost. And Robert had been pleased. The Battle of Falkirk. They going to battle there and they getting to battle and they finished the battle. The Scottish won […]

The Magic Tree House

November 26, 2010

By Darren The magic tree house went back in time. The world war started in 1914.Then Dean and Dylan and Ace and I were fighting the Germans. Then the Germans were fighting the British. Then Ace charged at the Germans. Dylan was scared that he would get shot but he went in an air raid […]

Horrid Henry

November 23, 2010

by Spencer J. There was Henry and Peter. Peter was good and Henry was bad and Henry was no nice. And Peter was crying and Henry was hiding. So Peter tell mum and mum found him. And Henry was upstairs in his bedroom. Henry was sneaking down the stair and he going outside hiding into […]

Me and Mum doing Shopping

November 23, 2010

by Haris Tuesday 23rd November 2010 Last Saturday we went to Falkirk. First we went to Tesco and it was fun and there wasn’t any happy birthday balloons. Second thing is we went to Morrisons and Bilal left his hat in the shop and when we went to the shop he started to cry. And […]

Thai Boxing

November 23, 2010

By Paul Thai boxing is a sport when you need to defend. You can win a lot competitions. If you win the competition you get a medal. If you are a teenager or an adult you will win a trophy or a belt. There are about five thousand people. You can get seriously injured if […]

The bonus story (continued)

November 22, 2010

by Shannon Nemo was still playing Tail Fin when…. a quarrel of fish! Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones, old ones, young ones (basically lots of them). Then there was what they were swimming away from…IT WAS MASSIVE, AND IT COULD BREATHE FIRE ! But Nemo was not scared because she had the […]

My sister’s party

November 22, 2010

by Corey My sister had a birthday party at the brown and black recreation centre two weeks ago when she turned seven. The recreation centre is quite big and in the big hall there is a bouncy castle. At the party the bouncy castle could hold approximately ten people. My sister invited about thirty-seven people. […]

The Jacobites

November 18, 2010

by Dean Last Thursday we were doing a play all about the Jacobites. We made swords and targes out of wood and cardboard. We were wearing tartan. The Jacobites were ghosts because the English Govenrment caught up with them. That’s how they were ghosts.The five children were talking to the Jacobites.The Jacobites told a story […]

The Power of Water

November 18, 2010

by Shannon It was on the same day that my story called Shannon’s First Story was happening when Snow (who lives in the North Pole) was waiting for Mortimer and Star (the people who went to Flutter’s home). It was now 7 o’clock in the morning and Snow was still waiting for them to come […]

Star Wars

November 8, 2010

By Paul Star Wars has lots of Jedi. They are people who can push you away just by raising their hand. They carry a metal thing called a light sabre. There are people called Sith Lords. They are the opposite of the Jedi – they are evil. They have red light sabres and the Jedi […]

Night Out at the Hilton

November 8, 2010

By Corey On the fifth of November I went to my wheelchair dance competition in Blackpool. I stayed at the Hilton.  I won a Trophy and 3 medals. I won 1 gold medal for my freestyle and I won a trophy. I won 2nd for my novelty dance called star trek. I won 1st for […]

The Hovercraft

November 8, 2010

by Dylan N Once upon a time there was a model called a hovercraft. It had many different moves. it could float on water and fly in the sky and hover. The inventor was Dylan n. He was a good builder. The reason why he was so clever: it’s just because he’s so good. Maybe […]

The Mysterious wand

November 8, 2010

by Ace The boy’s name was Stevie. The wand spoke to the boy. The boy grabbed the wand and tried to make a spell out of the wand and the boy turned into a magical wizard. The boy was dancing with the wand. There was a wizard. It was bad. It was very very bad. […]

Tom and Jerry

November 5, 2010

By Dylan L The cat trying to catch the mouse and Tom and Jerry jump into the water. Tom tried to get out of the water. Jerry came back out the water. Tom and Jerry went to sleep and they shake themselves to get them dried. They go outside to play and they jump into […]