Night Out at the Hilton


By Corey

On the fifth of November I went to my wheelchair dance competition in Blackpool. I stayed at the Hilton.

 I won a Trophy and 3 medals. I won 1 gold medal for my freestyle and I won a trophy. I won 2nd for my novelty dance called star trek. I won 1st for my national dance called The Bonny, Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond.

There were over thirty teams involved. My team is called the Funky Fifers. The people in my team are called Rachel, Kenneth, Vari, Wade, Erin, Stuart and me. I am the youngest member at the age of 9. Vari and Wade are 10. Kenneth is 12. Erin is 11 Rachel is 15 and Stuart is leaving the Funky Fifers because he is 18. He will be leaving to the Adults team.

My room numbers were 752 and 460. Me, my mum and dad, and my little brother Alfie stayed at room number 460 and my gran and my 2 sisters stayed at room number 752.

On the Friday night my family went out for dinner at the Carvery. I had 4 sausages some chips and some beans. On the Saturday night I had a disco. I also had 2 drinks called J20s. The flavours I had were summer fruits and apple and mango.

I went to coral island and I won 2 pounds out the 10 pence machine.

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  1.   Spencer Says:

    well done coery
    from spencer


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