Star Wars


By Paul

Star Wars has lots of Jedi. They are people who can push you away just by raising their hand. They carry a metal thing called a light sabre. There are people called Sith Lords. They are the opposite of the Jedi – they are evil. They have red light sabres and the Jedi have green and blue sabres.

My favourite Sith Lord is General Grevious and his friend called Darth Mole. General Grevious and Darth Mole are similar but General Grevious has two arms that can turn to four. Darth Mole has one light sabre that can turn into two; he has the longest light sabre and on the edges red lights come out. He is very hard to beat. The only one who can kill GG and DM is Obi Wan! He has a padowon.

And my favourite Master Jedi is called master Yoda. He is small like a dog. He is green with a green, light sabre. He has big ears and he has lots of wrinkles. He has a brown cape and he has three fingers.

(Scribe: Mrs S. Smith)

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