The Hovercraft


by Dylan N

Once upon a time there was a model called a hovercraft. It had many different moves. it could float on water and fly in the sky and hover. The inventor was Dylan n. He was a good builder. The reason why he was so clever: it’s just because he’s so good. Maybe someone else can try and have a go.

When it was finished Dylan wanted to have a try of driving it. So he sat in the seat and he pressed a button and something was happening. A light turned on and the blue bits in the wheels started to move and the craft went up like a lift. Dylan clutched the wheel and BOOM it shot off with a large shot.

About twenty miles away from Scotland the hovercraft had ran out of fuel. It broke down on a beach. Dylan got up and he went to find some fuel. He found a coconut. He poured the milk in to the tank then he looked around. it was dark on the island. “Creepy”, said Dylan. He was shaking. There was no house on the island. He had to sleep in his craft and that’s just what he did. In a moment or two he sleeped and sleeped and sleeped.

The next day Dylan got up and he was still on his machine. the rain poured down on the rocky beach. Poor Dylan was alone and wet. Just then he had two choices. He could get into his hover craft and head back home. Good chance. or he could live alone on the island and cry for the rest of his life. But he’d rather go home in his hover craft. But then a voice called out at him. It was a ghost. It was the home of the ghost. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Dylan. he slapped the ghost and got in to his hover craft and flew home. But the ghost faded away and would never come back.

Meanwhile Dylan had arrived home and from now on he would still have hovering machine.

That is the end of my real story

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