The Power of Water


by Shannon

It was on the same day that my story called Shannon’s First Story was happening when Snow (who lives in the North Pole) was waiting for Mortimer and Star (the people who went to Flutter’s home).

It was now 7 o’clock in the morning and Snow was still waiting for them to come and babysit Zuk (he is Snow’s son). Then the door knocked and Snow found it was Mortimer and Star. But it was not them. Instead it was Coco (who was supposed to be at Flutter’s ).
“What are you doing here at my house?” questioned Snow.
“I was told you wanted me by Mortimer and Star”, said Coco (at this point Mortimer and Star have been sent away buy Flutter’s Power of Water).

It was at 3.30pm when Mortimer and Star came to babysit Zuk, but it was ok because she still managed to catch the shop (which Zuk could not go to because he was too young ).

And that is the end of the story. I hope you can read all my story’s including all the stories I write…I mean type. Are you still there? Do you want a bonus story? Well you are in luck, because here is a bonus story.


 One day a fish called Nemo was singing her favourite song which goes like this…….. Oooooooooooh who lives in a coral under the seas Nemo  Nemo she is something. You would like it by Frends with Nemo Nemo yeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeee ye ye.

While she sang she played Tail Fin. And I am not going to tell you what happened.

Because that’s in my next story.

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