My sister’s party


by Corey

My sister had a birthday party at the brown and black recreation centre two weeks ago when she turned seven.

The recreation centre is quite big and in the big hall there is a bouncy castle. At the party the bouncy castle could hold approximately ten people. My sister invited about thirty-seven people. My dad kept flinging me on the bouncy castle. The birthday cake my sister got could serve forty.

We played pass the parcel and musical statues. The wrapping paper was black green and brown. I never won any of them. My friends and I played on the bouncy castle. In my party bag I got two bouncy balls one packet of crisps and three packets of sweets. There was lots of food on blue plates. I had three white coloured plates full of food. My sister won a sweet in musical statues.

At the party I got my face painted as a pirate. My nickname was captain jack. I had a black eye patch with a brown beard and eyebrows. I also got a moustache. At the end of the party we sang happy birthday.

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  1.   chloe Says:

    hi corey brilint story really liked it too.


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