The bonus story (continued)


by Shannon

Nemo was still playing Tail Fin when…. a quarrel of fish! Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones, old ones, young ones (basically lots of them). Then there was what they were swimming away from…IT WAS MASSIVE, AND IT COULD BREATHE FIRE !

But Nemo was not scared because she had the power of history (my next story will tell you all about this and more stuff). She ran (err… swam) and then made a roman spear appear in her fin (ffffew I got it right) and she stabbed the hideous beast and it fled away saying
“I WONT COME BACK!” And Nemo was happy and got to continue her game.

The end

2 Responses to “The bonus story (continued)”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Super story Shannon I really enjoyed it. I would love to know more about all the magic powers your characters have. So I’ll have to keep coming back to read more stories to understand all about them. Very well done.

  2.   Miss J Furmage Says:

    Mmm I wonder what the power of history is all about. Sounds very intriguing! Can`t wait for the next part of your story. Well done and keep writing!


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