Horrid Henry


by Spencer J.

There was Henry and Peter. Peter was good and Henry was bad and Henry was no nice. And Peter was crying and Henry was hiding. So Peter tell mum and mum found him. And Henry was upstairs in his bedroom.

Henry was sneaking down the stair and he going outside hiding into the tree. And Peter went upstairs to check on Henry, but he gone. He check outside and he found him. And Henry was upstairs and Henry was lock in and henry got the key and he was free. And Henry was sneaking downstairs. He going to tell his mum to say sorry and his mum say, “It’s fine”, and Henry was good now.

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  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hi Spencer
    I like the Horrid Henry books so I was pleased to read your story about Henry and Peter. I like your illustration too – the colours are strong and bright – maybe another time you might draw Horrid Henry and tell another story of his exploits. I like that his stories usually turn out allright in the end and they are all friends again. Well done.


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