Me and Mum doing Shopping


by Haris

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Last Saturday we went to Falkirk. First we went to Tesco and it was fun and there wasn’t any happy birthday balloons.

Second thing is we went to Morrisons and Bilal left his hat in the shop and when we went to the shop he started to cry. And when he cried he cried for a long time. And when we went back home dad said to Bilal that: “Put your hood on!”

The next day Sunday we stayed home and we played the playstation 3 and dad said, ”Turn off the playstation”, and we tried to sleep.

Next day it was Sami’s birthday and we enjoyed his birthday.

2 Responses to “Me and Mum doing Shopping”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Haris
    I hope you managed to find balloons for Sami’s birthday in another shop. I’m sorry that Bilal lost his hat and was upset. I’m sure that you were kind to him and helped him to feel better. I am glad that you all had a lovely time on Sami’s birthday. I liked reading this story about your busy weekend. Well done.

  2.   spencer Says:

    I like your story haris from spencer


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