Thai Boxing


By Paul

Thai boxing is a sport when you need to defend. You can win a lot competitions. If you win the competition you get a medal. If you are a teenager or an adult you will win a trophy or a belt. There are about five thousand people.

You can get seriously injured if you are not careful. There are some tools you need to defend yourself. There is one call the shin guard. There is another called the boxing gloves.

I have been in three competitions. I won two medals and one trophy. You don’t fight all the time but you mostly do sparring with each other in the gym. I have two instructors called Michael and Colin.

Fighting sometimes is difficult and it can be painful because if you don’t put on your box you could get knee-ed in the middle of the legs. You will get a head guard you won’t get hurt on the head. You also need a body guard. They won’t help you all the time.

Sometimes it doesn’t work.

(Helped by Corey)
(Photos by Corey

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  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Paul,
    I enjoyed reading about your sport and am impressed that you have won medals and a trophy already. Please take care that you don’t get hurt. Well done.


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