Our Trip to Bannockburn and Stirling Castle


by Paul

On the twenty-fifth of November, we went on a school trip to Stirling Castle/Bannockburn Centre. We met two knights inside Stirling castle. They were telling us about famous battles.

Robert the Bruce was only aged forty when he died. William Wallace wanted to be king, but instead he was a governor. Then William Wallace led the Scots to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Robert the Bruce lost six battles in a row. Robert the Bruce fled to a cave. He saw a little spider. It fell down six times. On the seventh attempt it finally made a web. Robert the Bruce tried to fight one more time and succeeded. There were twenty thousand English people, only six thousand Scots. One of the English walked to the king and the king had a battle axe and a little pony. Robert the Bruce missed the sword that tried to hit him. Robert swung the battle axe and split the skull of an English knight. Robert was outnumbered, but the Scots destroyed the English. There was blood everywhere. There were ten thousand people killed at the battle.

If you look closely where the battle was, you could see Robert’s statue.

There was one battle with no famous hero. All there was is an evil king. One of the English joined the Scots. The English told the Welsh, “You can either join us or DIE!”
The Welsh said, “We will join your army”.

The Welsh made the longbow. The king of the English wanted to speak with them but one of the Scots shot the king with a cross bow. But the king had his chainmail on. So it only bruised him.

Then the king told the Welsh to make a massive catapault. Then he told them to make a ballista and a mangel. The ballista is bigger than the mangel. The ballista is fifty feet high and the mangel is ten feet high. The winners were the Scots.

(Scribed by Corey)

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  1.   Mrs S Smith Says:

    Super story Paul.
    What a lot of information you remembered from the knight at Stirling castle. I liked the soldier at Bannockburn too. His talk was very interesting. I didn’t know about the ballista – so it was good that you drew a picture to help me understand it. Thanks.


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