Robert the Bruce


By Spencer

Robert is the Scottish hero.

The English army saw Bruce. The English and Scottish have a battle and the Scottish won and the English had lost. And Robert had been pleased.

The Battle of Falkirk. They going to battle there and they getting to battle and they finished the battle. The Scottish won again. The English had lost. Robert had been pleased and Robert had been crowned.

Robert had to look for the English armies and he found some. It was two of them. So Robert killed them and he killed the knight. Robert went to the castle.

And he was hiding from the English. The English army cannot find him. So they go back to the castle. Robert came out again and the Scottish have to kill the English.

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  1.   mrs rose Says:

    This looks like a fun trip and a great way to learn Scottish history I hope I am invited soon to come and join you all on one of these great days out! You are all very lucky to have such a fun day out of school and still be able to gain knowledge of Scotland’s famous figures . I enjoyed reading about this well done.:)


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