The Magic Tree House


By Darren

The magic tree house went back in time.

The world war started in 1914.Then Dean and Dylan and Ace and I were fighting the Germans. Then the Germans were fighting the British. Then Ace charged at the Germans. Dylan was scared that he would get shot but he went in an air raid shelter so he could protect himself. Then the Germans went to the air raid shelter and I shot at them.

Dylan ran out the air raid shelter. After Dylan ran out of the air raid shelter then the Germans ran after Dylan. Then the Germans tried to get Darren. Darren ran faster and faster so they couldn’t get me. Dean and Dylan went to the tank and we got in it. Ace turned into a statue and we took him home and we put him in the bath with cold water with ice. Then the cement started to break then it all broke.

And ace said, “I am cold”. Ace said, “Take me back to the tree house”, and we all said ok. So when we got there the tree house wasn’t there. So Dean said, “Maybe the German took it”.
So Ace said, “There it is! Let’s go home, ok?”
Dylan said, “Let’s go on another trip”.
And then we all said to Dylan, “No”.
Dylan said, “O that’s ok, and where all of us will be warm”.

So I sat near the fire. I was hot so I went away from the fire and mum said, “Tell your friends to go home”.
“See you tomorrow, Dylan and Dean and Ace. Bye!”
So mum said, “You have got school tomorrow”.
So I said to my mum, “Can I play my Xbox360?”
My mum said, “No”.
So I say to my mum, “Can I play?”
So mum said, “OK, but tidy your room”.
“Ok mum. Ye, when I get home from school”.
So mum said, “Ok”.

So I got in my pyjamas and I got in my bed and I went to sleep and the next day I had my breakfast.

The end.

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  1.   Scott Says:

    hi Darren i liked your story about the magic tree house and i would like to cheer you up because you have never had a comment keep it up Darren keep drawing good pictures.from Scott


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