The Romans Invaded Britain

November 5, 2010

By Cambell In the first century, like a boy called Cambell, about 19 years old, wanted to be a Roman. The Roman people said “Yes, you can join in, Cambell”. Emperor Claudius sent me to Great Britain, to invade it. Then we had 2,000 men. All our soldiers started to attack Great Britain. The Romans […]

Dylan’s War

November 4, 2010

by Dylan N In 1945 the German soldiers were bombing millions of places like Spain and France and Italy. So the places had to be safe. One day a boy called Dylan was going in to the war. Fighting in the war was kind of dangerous but Dylan just wanted to join. He told his […]

My Cartoons

November 1, 2010

by Shannon Hi I’m going to tell you about how and why I draw. To draw … for an example a beano character or a made-up man (or female), I look at what I want to draw. You do this bit by bit, starting with what you think is the easiest bit. I like to […]