Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

A Merry Christmas to All Our Readers! STATISTICS Total Number of Posts:                  267 Total Number of Comments:        455 Most Frequent poster:                  Dylan N (50 posts) Most Popular Post:                        Spencer’s “Bo’ness United”

Dean and Dylan Come to the Rescue

December 14, 2010

by Scott Once upon a time there was a boy called Scott. He was a good person. He was against some ugly monsters and aliens. They tried to attack Scott but he was to powerful. He had a friend. It was a mummy. He helped Scott but Scott said, “I don’t need help. I will […]

The Power of the Power Teddies

December 13, 2010

By Shannon Hi. Have you ever wonder what I meant by saying “Then Flutter sent them away with her power of water”? Well I will tell you. The power of Every Power Teddy Simba controls wind. Flutter controls water. Coco controls fire. Lara has the power of spy. Nemo controls history. Snow controls snow. Zuk […]

Dean and Dylan Go Back in Time

December 13, 2010

by Dylan N. In the early years, a boy called Dean lived with his best pal Dylan. They lived in a back mansion in a very big city. One morning Dean was standing in the garden watering the flowers to keep them alive until he heard his watch start dinging. “Wow I’m late”, Dean shouted. […]

Jack the Snowman

December 11, 2010

by Cambell Once a boy built a snowman and he decided to call the snowman Jack. Then one snowy night, the snowman came to life. It walked around and went inside the house. He went upstairs. He tiptoed quietly. Then the dad came walking up. Then the snowman hide. The dad didn’t seen the snowman. […]

Angus: World’s Largest Snowman

December 6, 2010

The world’s tallest snowman was 113 feet, 7 inches high. It was built in western Maine, USA, in 1999. In the photo below, the tallest snowman, “Angus, King of the Mountain”, stands tall over a crowd of people gathered to attend a ceremony in Bethel, Maine, in February, 19 1999. Not all snowmen (and snow […]