January 30, 2011

By Paul, Pokémon is about little creatures that have power. My favourite Pokémon is Dark Rise. His powers are Dark Ball. Dark Ball can put his enemies to sleep. There are humans, but they catch Pokémons with a ball called a poker ball. They train the Pokémons and they battle in contests and gym battles. […]

Horrid Henry versus Superman

January 25, 2011

By Haris and Spencer Horrid Henry saw Superman in the clouds. When Superman saw Horrid Henry they started to fight. It all happened in Henry’s garden 3pm to 8 pm. At 9.17pm they were going to sleep in Superman’s house at 91 Carbon Street Glasgow. When Horrid Henry waked up he never saw Superman and […]

The Power Teddies Christmas story

January 20, 2011

By Shannon It was a dark and…. festive day because it was Christmas. Coco ran out of her bed and flew off to meet her friends (Star came too). It wasn’t long before Flutter heard a sound. It was a big roar. Flutter jumped and so did Mortimer (yes I know, but she was still […]

WW2 in the Sky

January 20, 2011

by Jonathan Once upon a time a go in world war 2 in 1939. This is a story about the war 2 in the sky. In 1939 the British and the New Zealand air fighters were fighting the Germans in the sky. The soldiers who were in the planes were on guns and the spitfire […]

The Xmen

January 20, 2011

By Paul Xmen are people with special powers. My favourite is wolverine. He has three sharp metal spikes next to his knuckles. There’s some other kind of bad xmen like Magneto. He can crush metal and throw it without touching it, but he still likes one of the xmen. The master of the xmen is […]

Horrid Henry 3

January 18, 2011

 By Spencer   Henry was good and Peter was bad, and Henry went to his friend and Peter was grounded. And Henry came back and he went up the stairs play the game. And Peter shouted, “Mum!” and Peter was two weeks grounded and he went up the stairs and went into his room and cried. […]


January 17, 2011

By Dylan L Zorro is a nice man and I like him. He does loads of things. And he has a girlfriend. He likes a wee boy and he helps him and he gave the wee boy a big giant teeths chain. And he’s got a horsie and he lost it then he found it. […]

Kane and Cambell in the Big Jungle

January 17, 2011

by Cambell  Me and my brother Kane went to sleep when suddenly a big light came and I was in the jungle. I had a walk around and I found Kane on a pine cone tree. I said “Kane, Kane, wake up”. Kane said, “Where are we?” “We’re in the jungle”. Then we found a […]

The Robot Came to the World

January 13, 2011

by Darren The Robot came to Deanburn school. His spaceship ran out of fuel so the robot went into the school and pushed his invisible button in. He squeaked to the janitor’s office to find fuel. And when he got there, there was none left. Then I and Scott bumped into the robot and he told […]


January 11, 2011

by Paul Spiderman 1 Spiderman is a person with a red spidery costume. He can shoot webs from his hands. He can climb also up walls. There is three DVDs of Spider Man. The first one is called Spider Man and the Green Goblin. The second one is called Spider Man vs. the Doctor Octopus. […]

Horrid Henry 2

January 11, 2011

By Spencer Henry was in his bedroom and Peter was down the stair. Henry was sneaking down the stair and he was hiding from the cupboard. Peter was checking on Henry but Henry was gone. And Peter is looking for Henry and Peter found Henry and he was in the cupboard. And Henry was time […]

When I was Young

January 11, 2011

By Haris Once upon a time I was born in 2001. I was a cute baby and I was coming from my mum’s tummy. When my mum saw me crawling it was cute. I was born in a hospital in Livingston. I had a teddy and it was a horse and it was called John. […]

The Sand Castle

January 10, 2011

by Darren One morning we went to the beach. Our names are Darren and Scott. We always like the sand so Scott and I went to build a sand castle. I said, “I shall get things to put on.” And Scott said, “I will build the sandcastle”. So he got a bucket. “It’s going to […]

The De Lorean

January 10, 2011

by Dylan N This is a story about how I drove the De Lorean. It’s a car of goodness and powerful. And I am Dylan N, and I am going to tell you about what happened in my head. I was in my house today. It was a rainy day. It wasn’t very good weather. […]

The Cold Wars

January 10, 2011

By Jonathan Once upon a time ago (1939) there was some news on Adolf Hitler going to invade Poland. So the British army was going to do something about it. But it was too late. Germany already invaded Poland. Germany broke everything and left no food and took the Poland people prisoner and put them […]