The Cold Wars


By Jonathan

Once upon a time ago (1939) there was some news on Adolf Hitler going to invade Poland. So the British army was going to do something about it. But it was too late. Germany already invaded Poland.

Germany broke everything and left no food and took the Poland people prisoner and put them in camps and prisons (and some of the got tortured).

After the Germans invaded Poland Adolf Hitler invaded different bits of country what was close to Germany and then they tried to invade Britain. That’s when World War 2 started.

So the British people made an army again to fight the German army. Britain got a big army and went to fight the German army. That’s when the war began. The British army teamed up with the French and the Scottish army to go and fight the Germans. The Americans were fighting the Japanese when they teamed up with the Germans.

The war was too sad because lots of people lost their lives in the war and lots of people lived. It was lucky if you lived without food. People died with dehydrating.

Then the Russians joined the British army in the war. Most of the time the Russians fought against the German army and the British army fought less because they helped the French when the Germans invaded France. So we had no choice but to help them because if the we didn’t help them we would have got invaded by Germany and we would of lost the second world war.

That’s all I have to say about World War 2

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  1.   Mr Thurlow Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Really liked reading your post about World War 2. As a kiwi we are proud of our soldiers exploits, even Australia helped as well.

    The bomb on the plane looks like it could cause some damage!!!

    Mr Thurlow

  2.   Jonathan Says:

    Hi Mr Thurlow! This is Jonathan. Thank you for writing to me. Thank you very much.


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