The De Lorean


by Dylan N

This is a story about how I drove the De Lorean. It’s a car of goodness and powerful. And I am Dylan N, and I am going to tell you about what happened in my head.

I was in my house today. It was a rainy day. It wasn’t very good weather. But when I went outside I heard a booming sound. It was coming from the road outside. I went to look. When I arrived, I saw a car covered in ice. It looked like the Delorean. It was the time machine!

Just then I wanted to look inside it. I opened the door and I saw all the stuff inside it. I sat down in the seat. They were made of leather. I closed the door and I turned on the time circuits. I typed in JUL 09 1980 11 47 AM and I started the engine and started to hit 88mph. And zap….. I was in the past and it was raining.

Next I was going to a different year. I typed in AUG 30 1874 12.12 PM And now I got out and put fuel in it and started the engine. We went back in time and everything was back to normal. We parked the Delorean in the garage and went back in to the house.

The end

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