The Sand Castle


by Darren

One morning we went to the beach. Our names are Darren and Scott. We always like the sand so Scott and I went to build a sand castle.
I said, “I shall get things to put on.”
And Scott said, “I will build the sandcastle”.

So he got a bucket.
“It’s going to be the biggest castle in the world”.
So I said, “I know it will. We will have shells and crab shells. When I get the shells I will put them next to you”
Scott said, “OK but what happens if the water crushes it?”
So I said, “That is supposed to happen. Sometimes sand castles stay”.

So I said, “It’s getting dark. Let’s go home”.
“OK. We will finish it tomorrow”.
“Good bye, Scott”.
So Scott said, “Good bye”.
Darren said. “See you tomorrow”

The end

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