Horrid Henry 2


By Spencer

Henry was in his bedroom and Peter was down the stair. Henry was sneaking down the stair and he was hiding from the cupboard. Peter was checking on Henry but Henry was gone.

And Peter is looking for Henry and Peter found Henry and he was in the cupboard. And Henry was time out.

Peter is watching TV and Horrid Henry is sneaking downstairs. And he went to the garden and he is hiding in the bushes. Peter is checking on Henry but he was gone. Peter told mum and his mum found him, so he went up the stairs, went to his bedroom and sit there for 60 minutes. Henry’s mum told him to go down the stairs and Peter was watching TV, watching cartoons. And Horrid Henry watched cartoons too. After that he was watching monster trucks and he likes monster trucks and he likes monsters.

And he went for his dinner and he had fish and chips with peas but Peter had a different one he had chicken nuggets. And his mum had the same as Henry’s and his dad had the same as Henry’s.

Henry and Peter had a bath and he got out and he got his jammies on and he went to bed and he waked up for school and he saw Margaret. He went home from school and it was night time and he went a bath again and he got out go to his bed and go to sleep.

And I think it’s the end.

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