by Paul

Spiderman 1

Spiderman is a person with a red spidery costume. He can shoot webs from his hands. He can climb also up walls.

There is three DVDs of Spider Man. The first one is called Spider Man and the Green Goblin. The second one is called Spider Man vs. the Doctor Octopus. The third is called Spider Man vs. Sand Man and Venom.

It starts off with this boy called Peter Parker. He goes on a school trip to see radioactive spiders. But the most harmful one escaped. Then the radioactive spider came down and bit Peter Parker then Spider Man. At the lab an accident happened.

The Green Goblin came. Spiderman and the Green Goblin had a strong battle but the Green Goblin cheated a little bit. On his hovercraft came out two sharp spikes. He threw the hovercraft at Spiderman but Spiderman jumped and the Green Goblin was killed by the spikes.

Spiderman 2

Spiderman was a hero. But a professor had an accident happen again and Doctor Octopus had four metal arms on his back.

He killed the doctors that brought him back to life but they tried to cut off his metal arms.

Spider Man had a better battle with Doctor Octopus but Doctor Octopus saved everyone by taking the massive sun into the ocean. But eventually he died.

Spiderman 3.

Spiderman 3 is about two baddies. One finds out that killing Spiderman is bad. The other finds about power and destruction.

Spider man’s life is now brilliant. It was a long way being bit by a spider. Then, on a parade, something came. It was Sandman. He was a man made completely from sand. Sandman turned his hand into a sand hammer and hit Spiderman. When Spiderman realised Sandman killed his uncle. Then Spiderman changed from red to black. He threw sand into water and Sandman turned to mud. Then Spiderman suddenly felt sorry for Sandman.

Then Spiderman went to the church and accidently hit the church bell and the black suit Spiderman was wearing was hurting him. Someone was under the church bell and then the black goo from the suit was dripping down on him. Then Venom was born. He ran to a muddy spot and then Sandman man came back to life from the mud.

They both made alliance. They got spider man’s love MG. They put MG in a taxi on a very high building with black webs to hold her up. Spiderman came with the Green Goblin’s mum. The Green Goblin’s son took down Sandman, who was fifty feet high.  Spider was going to die from Venom but the Green Goblin’s son saved Spiderman from the spikes of his flier. He thought of the bells at the church and then he but metal bars around him like a cage. He was banging on the poles and Venom was dying.

Spiderman saw the person from the church in Venom. Then Spiderman shot his web at the boy and pulled him out. Spiderman took the Green Goblin’s bomb and threw it at Venom’s chest but the man jumped into Venom because he loved the power he had. Then the bomb exploded and Venom and the boy died.

Then spider man was a hero to the whole world.

(Scribed by Corey)

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  1.   corey Says:

    What a lovely picture Paul. Doctor Octopus sure looks evil!!.

  2.   spencer Says:

    I like your story Paul,
    from Spencer


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