The Robot Came to the World


by Darren

The Robot came to Deanburn school. His spaceship ran out of fuel so the robot went into the school and pushed his invisible button in. He squeaked to the janitor’s office to find fuel. And when he got there, there was none left.

Then I and Scott bumped into the robot and he told us his name. And his name was Wolly. He told us that he was looking for fuel for his ship. And we said, “Ok, but push your invisible button”.

So Scott pushed the button.
“We will steal some fuel from the cars”.
The robot said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”
So I got a pipe and a fuel can and filled it with the fuel.
“Let’s get you home. Let’s get the fuel in our ship”.

So I said, “Where’s the pipe?”
Scott said, “I threw it away stay with the Wolly”.
Scott said, “We will stay in the ship”.
“ I will get a Hoover pole”.
So I went home to get a pole and my mum said, “Why are you not at school?”
“I’m getting a Hoover pole”.
My mum said, “Why do you need a Hoover pole?”
“For a robot”.

And I ran to school. I got to school. And I ran up to the space ship
And I told Scott to come out of the space ship, and I filled it up and me and Scott said, “Bye Wolly”, and the school bell
Rang. That was the home-time bell.
“It’s time for me to go home”.

The end.

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