Kane and Cambell in the Big Jungle


by Cambell 

Me and my brother Kane went to sleep when suddenly a big light came and I was in the jungle. I had a walk around and I found Kane on a pine cone tree. I said “Kane, Kane, wake up”.
Kane said, “Where are we?”
“We’re in the jungle”.

Then we found a big cave and Kane said, “Let’s go in”,
And I said “Wait! There will be a dinosaur inside”.
And Kane laughed. And Kane said, “Dinosaurs don’t exist”. And he said, “Come on!”

Then we found a dinosaur sleeping.
I said, “I think that is a fake one”.
Kane pick up a sling shot and hit it with a stone. It woked up and started chasing us and Kane. It got Kane’s t-shirt and Kane said, “Aaaaaaaaaah!”
Then Kane took his t-shirt off and fell on the ground.

Then we got out of the cave then the dinosaur banged his head and fell down. The bang was so loud it blew me and Kane away. We up on a pine-cone tree and the pine-cone tree went backwards and forwards. Then we landed on a mountain. Kane landed on his bottom and I landed back on my feet.

Then there was a monkey camed and it went in front of me and it waved its hand right at me.
And the monkey said, “Hello”.
And me and Kane said, “He can talk”.
And the monkey said: “You are in the wildest jungle in the world. Is lots and lots of dinosaurs. Sometimes it was cavemen and wee lions, little ones”.
“How do we get out of the jungle?” asked Kane.
The monkey said, “You have to pass a big mountain”.

Then Kane said, “That will be easy”.
And the monkey said, “It will be very very hard. Once you have to pass a bridge and there a bad bad caveman there.”
And the monkey said,, “After you pass the bridge you have to go in a house made out of sweets and an angry witch lives there”. And the monkey gave us slingshots to keep us safe from any dangers.
And I say, “Let’s go on, Kane”.
And Kane said, “Let’s keep the monkey”.
And “Let’s come on”, said me.

Then we went up the top of the mountain and there was the bridge and the angry caveman popped out and he saying, “You got any food?”
And I said, “We only have some chocolate bars”.
And the caveman took the chocolate bars and he said, “Maybe we can cross the bridge”.

Then we went to the house made out of the sweets and we got caught up in a net. And the monkey was scared. The monkey ran away.

Then the witch grabbed us two and sent us to the dungeon. And the witch said, “You have to break these rocks. I will see you in three minutes”.

Then the monkey came back and me and Kane and the monkey ran away. Then we found another door. Then we found a key on the carpet. We picked up the key and put it in the lock and went back to our house. And the monkey say,” Where are we?”

And me and Kane say, “We in our house”. And we went downstairs and had our breakfast and went to play our x-box.

 The End.


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