By Dylan L

Zorro is a nice man and I like him.

He does loads of things. And he has a girlfriend. He likes a wee boy and he helps him and he gave the wee boy a big giant teeths chain. And he’s got a horsie and he lost it then he found it. And he was jumping onto his horse and he fell on his bum and hurt it. And he said, “Ow, that’s sore!”.

And Zorro, he does loads of things. He’s a good fighter, and he had a little baby and someone was helping him to get Zorro’s pal out. He’s magic. I love Zorro. I wish he would come alive to here. He will help me with my work and he catched with the police and he run away from the police. He was escaping.

Zorro is a nice man. I like him so much. Zorro is cool. He’s amazing. He helps people.
Zorro said, “There’s a man. I need to help him”.
And he’s got a whip and he put it on a tree and he swung over the other side of the waterfall.


3 Responses to “Zorro”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Dylan
    This is a super story about Zorro. You have used lots of good words to make the story very interesting and exciting. Well done.

  2.   Dylan and Cambell Says:

    well done dylan

  3.   Dylan L. Says:

    thank you, Mrs Smith, from Dylan L.


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