Horrid Henry 3


 By Spencer

  Henry was good and Peter was bad, and Henry went to his friend and Peter was grounded. And Henry came back and he went up the stairs play the game. And Peter shouted, “Mum!” and Peter was two weeks grounded and he went up the stairs and went into his room and cried.

 Henry went to his friends again and they went to play the game and Henry went home to his dinner. He went in the bath. Henry was in his bed and he has his tooth out so the tooth fairy got him £5 in coins. Henry was so happy he had new games for his game. He has Ironman the video game and he only had two games and he has Rainbow 6.

 Henry got a jumper for his Christmas and Peter got NOTHING because he was a bad boy. Henry got one game. It was called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Henry got for his birthday is a phone and his Auntie come to get his presents and got a football and he got a swing and a trampoline.

 Peter got for his birthday one present, an iPod and a phone. Henry had his dinner and Henry was in his bed. And Henry got for his Christmas is games and Peter got a jumper.

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