The Power Teddies Christmas story


By Shannon

It was a dark and…. festive day because it was Christmas. Coco ran out of her bed and flew off to meet her friends (Star came too).

It wasn’t long before Flutter heard a sound. It was a big roar. Flutter jumped and so did Mortimer (yes I know, but she was still there). Flutter started to laugh.
“What are you laughing about,” said Mort (this is Mortimer’s nick name).
“It’s Coco, Star, and her mum Mummy dragon,” replied Flutter. And it was.

It was only ½ an hour later when everyone had arrived so … they got on with the party. They ate food. They opened presents. They sang. They played all sorts of things. Sadly, at 7 o’clock they all went home …… but it was ok. They still had presents to open.

The end.

3 Responses to “The Power Teddies Christmas story”

  1.   Harvey Jordan Joshua Says:

    It was a great story because we liked it when they had the christmas story. The sad part was when
    they had to go home.
    Room2 burnham school New Zealand

  2.   Chloe, Kayla, K Says:


    WE ReAlly licked the dragon bit in your story .

    chloe kayla keiran

    room 2 Burham school new zealANDd

  3.   shannon Says:

    Yes I liked that part to and I do agre that the part when they go home is sad but they do got to open presints when they did go home


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