The Xmen


By Paul

Xmen are people with special powers. My favourite is wolverine. He has three sharp metal spikes next to his knuckles. There’s some other kind of bad xmen like Magneto. He can crush metal and throw it without touching it, but he still likes one of the xmen.

The master of the xmen is called Charles Savior. He can read minds and give them bad headaches. One of the xmen died. His name was Scott and his nickname is Scott, but the one who killed him was his girlfriend. She died from a massive water drown. She was protected by the phoenix of her powers but then she was helping Magneto destroy the humans. But then a new xman was getting born. he cut his own back with knives, and when he was a teenager out popped massive wings like a bird. There was a battle with the xmen and Magneto. The xmen were outnumbered. But then came the boy who flied and the boy had spines like a hedgehog but more deadly. They got the president. But when they got to the roof they threw the president off but the boy who flied caught the president.

Then one of the scientists was a beast and was killing all of the baddies. Then wolverine could recover faster than anyone in the world. Then wolverine said “Grow those back”.

Then Storm shot lightning at the Speeding Girl, and then she died. Then there was a fire and one of the ice xmen used to be friends with him, when they seen each other they were fighting ice and fire. The ice boy head butted him, and then he died.

When wolverine spotted magneto he pushed Metal Man down. Then magneto hit him right on the hand. He turned to normal and Jean was mad. The army shot the formula at Jean, and then the humans turned to dust. Every cut that Wolverine gets he heals. Then wolverine hit her in the stomach and the world was safe.

(scribed by Joshua)

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  1.   spencer Says:

    i like your story paul the xmen was good


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