WW2 in the Sky


by Jonathan

Once upon a time a go in world war 2 in 1939. This is a story about the war 2 in the sky.

In 1939 the British and the New Zealand air fighters were fighting the Germans in the sky. The soldiers who were in the planes were on guns and the spitfire was the fastest plane that got shot at. The person who was driving the spitfire was called Jonathan M. He managed to keep the plane in the sky and the soldiers in the plane were shooting at the German planes. And the spitfire got past the rest of the planes and a New Zealand driver in the other spitfire followed Jonathan wherever Jonathan went. The New Zealand driver followed him because all the spitfires followed. Every spitfire follows every one whats up in the sky.

Then something bad happened. Jonathan lost his best friend in the sky. He got shot by the enemy plane. And then Jonathan went very mad. They had to go back to the army base. When they got there Jonathan took a rest. So he left the room and got dressed as a German soldier. And he took a plane and went to Germany to be a spy. Then Jonathan got to Germany in his German suit.

His army back home thought he was sleeping, but he was doing a spy mission without anyone knowing. Then a soldier at the base saw that Jonathan was not there. The soldier found a note what Jonathan wrote. It said:
“To all of the soldiers in the base. I have dressed as a German soldier and I have gone to go to Germany to find all of the plans of the bombs and the weapons. I’ll come back next month with all the plans of Germany attack and I’ll find out about Adolf Hitler. And I’ll send you the plans what he is planning”.

When Jonathan got to Germany, he was in a German soldier suit. He was disguised. He mixed in with the other people. Jonathan was thinking too hard. He wrote to his commander every day he heard something.

Then one day Jonathan got caught sending a letter. But it was only the New Zealand soldier who was in the plane with him. And one of Jonathan’s best fiends was there and his name was Joshua and his nick name is Afro man. He was a great friend of Jonathan. Then the New Zealand soldier said to Jonathan, “We need to get out of here because the Germans found a letter what you sent to the British army.”
Then Jonathan said, “Ok let’s get out of here”.

Then 5 German soldiers kicked down his bed room door and Jonathan and his friend Joshua shot them and the New Zealand soldier got his plane ready to fly. The plane was ready and Jonathan and Joshua ran to the plane. The New Zealand soldier was flying it and Jonathan and Joshua was on the gun. But the only thing was the gun bullets had run out. So Jonathan and Joshua jumped out the plane and got guns and started fighting the German army. Then back up came.

Jonathan was happy that the British and New Zealand army came to help him. But Adolf Hitler got away and the British and the New Zealand army went home. Then Jonathan said, “This War will be over soon and we will get to live with our families and children. We’ll win the war and Germany will lose”

The end of chapter one

The second story will come soon. Hope you enjoy.

3 Responses to “WW2 in the Sky”

  1.   Charlotte McNeil Says:

    hey,my name is Charlotte and I am from the Chapelhall Smarties and I would like to tell you my Uncle Dan is in the army and i love to learn all about the army and i really liked this story. Thank you for telling u it mabye you could visit our blog? Thank you!

    By Charlotte McNeil

  2.   Jonathan Macintosh Says:

    wow i remember doing this it was ages ago now im a big second year i do miss primary school but st mungo’is a good school im enjoying it but i relay miss primary school it was fun but im all grown up now hope deanburn is still a good school

  3.   Deanburn Says:

    Good to hear from you, Jonathon!. Glad to hear all is well. We miss you here too.

    Mr Antolak.


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