Horrid Henry versus Superman


By Haris and Spencer

Horrid Henry saw Superman in the clouds. When Superman saw Horrid Henry they started to fight.

It all happened in Henry’s garden 3pm to 8 pm. At 9.17pm they were going to sleep in Superman’s house at 91 Carbon Street Glasgow. When Horrid Henry waked up he never saw Superman and Superman wasn’t sleeping.

When Superman woke up he was walking to a shop to buy some fruit and butter and milk. He went back home and had lunch and Horrid Henry found a crystal and he fly up to Superman’s home and he want a fight.

At Friday Superman and Horrid Henry were friends again. They played together Duck Duck Goose, Tig, Buildy and their X boxes and when Superman went to Tesco he bought an Ipod for Horrid Henry. Horrid Henry was at Superman’s home, played each other and they played the Xbox.

That’s all.

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  1.   Jadyce Says:

    Hi There,

    We just read your story affront of the class. I liked that Horrid Henry and Superman became friends again.

    Jadyce, Room 2,Burnham School, New zealand


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