By Paul,

Pokémon is about little creatures that have power.

My favourite Pokémon is Dark Rise. His powers are Dark Ball. Dark Ball can put his enemies to sleep.

There are humans, but they catch Pokémons with a ball called a poker ball. They train the Pokémons and they battle in contests and gym battles. In competitions they show off their Pokémons’ beauties.

In the second round they fight each other. But in gym battles they fight the gym coach. Every gym has a gym master. My favourite trainer of all is called Ash. He is training to be a gym master. Don, Ash’s friend is training to be a top coordinator. And Brock is training to be a Pokémon breeder. There is one team who wants to catch Ash’s Pokémon partner. He’s called Peecachoo, the baddies are called Thieves and they call themselves Team Rocket. They steal other Pokémons. They have a Saviper and a Carnavine.

Carnavine is the funniest Pokémon ever. When the trainer throws the ball, Carnavine comes out and bites their trainer on the head, but it won’t hurt their trainer. Sometimes they try to catch Pecachoo but they never catch him. When the Pokémons catch him, Ash says, “Use Thunderbolt”, and their balloon explodes. And Ash prevents Pecachoo from falling.

Team rocket always fly away with their balloon and a BANG!

(Scribed by Corey)

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  1.   Mr Antolak Says:

    I am totally baffled, Paul. I haven’t a clue what all this is about!?! You’re going to have to explain it all to me.

    Mr Antolak

  2.   corey Says:

    well done paul, great picture ,even though i did all the writing 🙂


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