Hi! I’m Dean!

February 28, 2011

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Roamer and the Little Ant

February 26, 2011

by Dylan N Once upon a time there was a little robot named Roamer. He was travelling all over the land. One day he was in the land and playing on the shapes, near his truck. Everything was always colourful. As usual, Romer always travelled over the land to find hidden treasures. One day he […]

An Alien in the School

February 26, 2011

By Scott and Cambell Once upon a time there were two boys called Cambell and Scott. There were aliens attacking Deanburn. Scott and Cambell heard a noise. It was an alien storm. It was scary. Cambell went outside to play football. Cambell scored a goal. It was getting dark. There was a strange sound. It […]

Our Day Out

February 26, 2011

By Scott We went on a trip to Castle Campbell. It was a good castle. We had a look around. It was great. Inside there was a kitchen. We had our lunch inside. After that we had a look in the dungeons. It would be scary if you were locked up inside. After that we […]

Castle Campbell

February 23, 2011

by  Spencer and Paul The trip to Castle Campbell was very long. We first went to the wood then we seen some waterfall and then we went up the stairs. When we were very high up then we seen the castle roof. Then we went up the thousands of stairs. Then we reached the castle. […]

Our Trip to Castle Campbell

February 23, 2011

by Corey Our trip to castle Campbell was great. We saw lots of interesting things and I enjoyed it. It was probably the second best trip I have been on. When we arrived there I was very hot. We walked through a forest for an hour. When we got there we visited the shop then […]

Trip to Castle Campbell

February 23, 2011

by Haris 22.2.11 On the trip to castle Campbell the children were on the bus and when we arrived there we walked all the way. We walked through the forest. After an hour we arrived at Castle Campbell. We went to the shop and then we went to have our lunch. Then we walked upstairs […]


February 13, 2011

By Dylan N In my head I have a car from Knight Rider. He’s called Katt. K A T T. Knight Authorised Two Thousand. That was Dylan’s title for his prototype vehicle. Katt was destructive and very powerful. The front scanner was blue and his paint job was black and gold. He was the strongest […]

My Clay Pot

February 11, 2011

by Jay One day Jay and Dean made a pot together and we waited for a few days for the cup to dry. Then we made it smooth. Then we put some varnish on it, then we painted it . By Jay (scribed by Dean)

The Power Teddies’ First Battle

February 8, 2011

by Shannon It was the usual day in Ladybird land. Flutter and Coco had just bought fizzy pop and had just escaped the Ladybird Cops (because they just started a fight with Goody-two-Shoes sitty). They ran to Flutter’s home where Gobby (Coco’s weird pet) and Daisy (Flutter’s butterfly pet) were waiting for them. They got […]

Kitt, Karr and Michael Knight

February 3, 2011

by Dylan N In a world of criminals where they kill people and hurt the innocent, there is only one car. KITT. He is a car of the future and can turbo boost over danger and can auto cruise. And his driver Michael Knight an honest man who always helped the good people and for […]