March 26, 2011

by Paul Superman is about a boy from a different planet that was destroyed. His mom and dad saved an escape pod for him. It took a long time for Superman to get to earth. When he got to earth he was only ten. Then he was found by two people. He was raised by […]

The Zombies

March 26, 2011

by Darren. Once upon a time there was a meteor that was in the sky and Dean said, “Look, there’s a meteor!” I said, “Run to my house and we will look through the window”. And when we watched where it would land, it landed in the park. And we took our sling shots and […]

My Favourite Jokes

March 22, 2011

by Scott Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To see his flatmate. Have you ever heard of the underwater spy? His name is James Pond. Why did Tigger look inside the toilet ? He was looking for Pooh!. Why did the orange stop half-way up the hill? Because he ran out of juice. What […]

Me and Lola

March 14, 2011

by Jay To mum.  Today I was making a blog. I went to the park then I got my dinner, and had a bath. I like to make pancakes. I like to bake. I like to take my dog Lola out for a walk up the park. If you throw the lead away then she […]

The Wales vs. England Match.

March 14, 2011

by Paul The manager of Wales said, “Wales are thrashing England”. Then the score was 70-67 to Wales. They were brilliant! But somebody did a tackle and broke a player from Wales’s leg. Then the Wales team  got a penalty and they scored it. The Scots demanded a rematch in Scotland and the welsh accepted. […]

Slamannan is the Best

March 10, 2011

By Dylan L Country is the best and I love it. And I love Ryan and Jemma. Slamannan is cool. They’ve got two shops. One is nice and the door is red and inside it is a normal shop. You can buy sweeties, paper, juice, loads of things. The other shop is the same but it’s […]

My New Book

March 10, 2011

by Scott For months I have been doing a lot of stories for the blog. Now I have my first book published. I have got a front cover. It says “My Greatest Stories”. This book was illustrated by Scott B. I will get to take it home. It took me a long time. I am […]

Whitey (the computer) spotted in Blackpool

March 7, 2011

by Dean One day Roamer and Bee-Bot went on a holiday in Blackpool. Then they went to the pleasure beach. This water was too strong. Then they saw Whitey (the white computer). But he ran into the water. Then he got flushed in the wave. Then he said, “Bye Roamer and Bee-bot” Roamer and Bee-bot […]

Dollar Glen

March 6, 2011

by Dylan N On Tuesday we went to Castle Campbell. It was a long time. When we were driving, I saw the castle. Dean was screaming. But when the bus stopped and we were going up to the castle on the way, we had some biscuits. Then we climbed to the top of the cliffs. […]

The Rescue of the Prince of Asgan

March 1, 2011

by Ace The rescue of the prince of Asgan. The evil king was making an evil army of steel. An army is about a 100 people in an army. The army was climbing the volcano. Music was coming from the volcano. The army was fighting. The knights was fighting. The army was going in the […]