Deanburn Primary School

April 29, 2011

by Paul. Deanburn is a fun place to be. We have a big play ground and we have a trim track what’s a small park. When you are in p5 you will be going to swim after Easter. And we get golden time. You can bring some toys or you can play with the toys […]

Horrid Henry 4

April 29, 2011

by Spencer. Henry is going to the game shop. And he got Call of Duty Black ops and he went home and he play his Xbox 360. And Peter was tidying up and he clean the floor and he clean the bathroom and he was finish. And Henry’s dinner was ready. He had a bath. […]

Dylan’s Imaginary Game

April 27, 2011

by Dylan N. For a game of fun and enjoyment, it’s the best modelled game ever. It’s Scotland with everything, AND THE STARSKY HUTCH CAR, AND THE A TEAM VAN, AND ASCANIA HORBURGH BUS. These are all the names of the cars. And there is another car I haven’t told you. It’s called the Flying […]

My Trip to Alton Towers

April 26, 2011

By Jay (scribed). I went on this boat and there were big waterfalls. Scary! And I went on a big round boat. It turns on the water. Not scary, but I kept moving. I was scared by the waves. Then I went on a rollercoaster with my dad. That was fun. And I was crying. […]

Roamer, Bee Bot and the Deanburn Windmill

April 3, 2011

By Dylan N Up on the hill, Deanburn was missing the wind mill, because it had fallen down in the wind. How awful. Later on Thursday morning, Scott and Dean were at Mr. Antolak’s classroom. They were sad. “I miss the wind mill”, said Dean wailing. “Me too”, said Scott. “Who said broken?” shouted a […]