The Ancient Creek


by Darren.

Once upon a time there was a pyramid called the ancient creek. The creek people used the creek as a den. There were chairs, TV sockets, bedrooms and even a bath. You can live in it if you get lost. But their rules were: “Do not go in the king and queen’s room. If you go in the room you will get your head chopped off”.

“Now you know the rules. Now you can come to sleep. You can stay forever if that’s ok with you”.
And he said, “Ok just for a week”.
And he said ok.

And when the week came, he had to go home and he went to get his things out off his room. He didn’t know he was going to enter the king’s room. And when he opened the door he got caught by the queen who shouted, “Off with his head!”. And this little boy trips him up and the queen caught him and got his executioner and took him to the stage. And the executioner was his friend

So he punched the queen in the face and he jumped and pulled her hair and told her to, “Let me go!” And she let me go. And when he wakened he said it was a dream

The end.


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