School for Coco, Star, Flutter, Mortimer and Jerry.


by Shannon

It was early morning at Mortimer’s and Jerry’s home.
“Wake up Mortimer and Jerry”, squeaked their mum.
Mortimer and Jerry turned around and tried to go back to sleep.
 “Come on. You are the only two out of the 4’000’000 childs to be still in bed”.

 Mortimer and Jerry looked at their mum, got out of bed and got their school bags packed and put on a  pair of wings that they got at the shop of working wings.
”Hurry up Coco. Star and Flutter are waiting for you because it’s time for you to go to your new school”, said their mum.
“Oh Yea,” said Mortimer and Jerry and they ran to the door where Coco, Star and Flutter was. “Where have you been?” asked Star.
 “You’ve been ages,” said Coco.
“Remember your bag and packed lunch,” said Flutter.

 Jerry and Mort (nick name for Mortimer) looked at each other and then ran back inside their home and only 5 minutes later came back out ready to go. It took 30 minutes to walk, but then the path stopped. Where…is the path?” asked Jerry looking straight at the ground.
 “Look at your map”, said Coco.
”What map?”asked Mort.
“The one in your bag”, said Star.
Flutter went to see if it was there. ”Look at this map”, Flutter said dragging it out a rolled up paper.
“Look we’re here, here”, said Coco.
”But it said here, the school is here”, said Jerry.
”It is its up that mountain”, said star.

Jerry looked confused but Mortimer knew what was going on and started hers and Jerry’s and flew up the mountain with Flutter, Coco and Star. When they reached the top, Mortimer and Jerry looked at it in shock.

 “This is school?”asked Mortimer.
Yes”, said Flutter.”You’re in our class so just follow yous to your class”, said Coco and Star.

Then a big loud noise came.
”Wow, what a noise and why is it so loud?”asked Mortimer.
”It’s the bell and it so loud because it’s so people at the bottom of the mountain can hear it”, replied Star.
 ”Quick get in a line before Miss Kentonflap comes”, shouted Coco.
So as quickly as they could they ran it to the line. Then a big dragon and angry ladybird came out. “Who is the dragon and who is the ladybird”, asked Mortimer.
“The dragon is Miss Kenton flap” said Coco.
“And the ladybird is Miss Lertonfly” said Star.
“SILENCE” shouted Miss Lerntonfly.

Everyone stopped talking and stood very still and did not move.
“Get inside or I will SMACK YOUS ALL”,  shouted Miss Kentonflap and everyone ran in and went to their classroom. Flutter, Coco, Star, Jerry and Mortimer went to their classroom. In their classroom there were some very burnt desks and the floor was all wet and there were name tags on all the tables.

“Where do we sit,” asked Jerry and Mort, as Star and Coco sat down at their desk.
”There, at that desk which has your name on it”, said Star.
Then, as they sat down, a dragon come and sat down on the big chair at the front of the class.

“ Good morning. Now my name is Miss Reagatonter. For you don’t know my name”, said the teacher as she gave out pieces of paper. On the paper was a list of things that the class had to do (here is the list).

P7 list of things for today.
2. Math
3. Break
4. Language
5. Music
6. Lunch
7. Math
8. Home              

Jerry stared at the paper and looked at the teacher (so did Mortimer).
“You big pig”, shouted Flutter.
”And your face looks like a book or a bum”, shouted Coco. 
“DO NOT SAY THAT ABOUT ME”, boomed Miss Reagatonter.
”But you do”, shouted Star.
”Absolutely”, shouted Mortimer and Jerry.
”DO YOU WANT TO GO IN THE PRISON”, shouted Reagatonter.
”YES WE DO”, shouted Star, Coco, Flutter, Mortimer and Jerry.
So they where token to the prison and out in it.
 ”Don’t worry we still go home as the same time as everyone in the school”, said Coco.

Later on back at Mortimer and Jerry’s home.      
“We had a great day at school”, said Jerry.
“It was fantastic”, said Mortimer.
“Well I’m glad you did. Now if you have finished your homework you can play for a while”.
“No thank you mum, I want to go to bed. I’m ssssssso tired”, said Jerry.
“Ok”, said mum

                  The end

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