Doctor Dylano.


by Dylan N.

In Dylano City, Doctor Dylano is back with new invention. He was building another machine. It was called Katt.

Dylan and Dylan the little Dinosaur and star fighter Dylan came to Doctor Dylano’s lab.
“Hello doc”, said star fighter Dylan. “What are you doing?”
“I’m building a car with the functions here”.
“A transom said Dylan wow I have never been in a car like this before”.
Dylan got in. Inside was a complex control panel.
“Wow”, said Dylan. “This is minted”.
“I suppose so”, said doctor Dylano.
“What is this?”
“I am the knight authorised two thousand. You may call me Katt I am the proto type of the car of the future”.
“What was that?” said Dylan.
“Who said that?” said Dylan the little dinosaur.
Star fighter Dylan aimed his laser at the car.
“Don’t”, said doctor Dylano. But it was too late. Zap.
But the car laughed, “Ha ha ha haaa”. “You can’t destroy me” said Katt. “Yes if you want a proto type car you have to be careful. Am I right?” Katt said in his computer voice.
“What is this?” said Dylan the little dinosaur.
“It’s called Katt”.
“What?” said Dylan?
“K A T T katt”, said Dr. Dylano. “And I am making new models. I am calling them kell and kurr and kerr and kutt”.
Katt’s scanner made some loud noise. It was going left and right.

Later that night Dr. Dylano had gone to bed. Star fighter Dylan and Dylan n and Dylan the little dinosaur had to sleep there because it was dark. But the molders where in the lab. They were looking for some formula. But then Katt turned his monitor and saw them.
“Well what do we have here”, he said. “The molders had got the formula and headed to the door but then Katt turned his engine on. He had to kill and destroy.
“AAAAAAAAAAAH!” screamed the molders.
Katt shouted, “ DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!”. He screamed. The molders ran away to the mansion.
“That’s it. And never come back”, screamed Katt.

Dr. Dylano and the others came rushing to the door. “What was that”, said star fighter Dylan.
“Intruders”, said Katt. “I was so close to getting them”, said Katt.

They went back to bed. Later that morning Dr. Dylano had got up extremely early because he was adding some new systems to Katt. While Dylan n and star fighter Dylan and Dylan the little dinosaur were sleeping in bed, Dylan got up and went down stairs to see what he was doing.
“Dr. Dylano. What are you doing?” he said.
“I am adding some more systems to Katt”, Dr. Dylano said. “I am afraid the improvements were a bit obvious”, said Katt.
What does it mean?” said Dylan.
“It does make me a strange, don’t you think?” said Katt.
“Hhmmmmmmm maybe”, said Dr. Dylano.
Just then Dtld came down to get some breakfast.
“Morning”, said Dr. Dylano.
But Dylan the little dinosaur didn’t say a thing. Just as he reached the kitchen door he fell on the floor and fell asleep.

Just then Dr. Dylano’s robot dog was awakened by the noise. It barked in a robot bark. Dtld woke up and saw the cyber dog. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAA”, screamed Dylan the little dinosaur.
“AAAAAAAAAAAH”, screamed Dr. Dylano’s robot dog.
Dr Dylano came in. Dtld jumped on Dr. Dylan’s arms.
“What is it?” said Dr. Dylano.
“A dog. A metal dog”, screamed Dylan the little dinosaur.
“Dylona”, said Dr. Dylano, “good boy.
“This is your dog?” said Dylan n.
“Yes”, said Dr. Dylano.
Dylona the robot dog jumped at Dylan a licked.
“Hello”, said Dylan n. Then he clapped him.
“Wow you like my dog?” said Dr. Dylano.
“Yes”, said Dylan.

Just then star fighter Dylan was still sleeping up stairs.

“STAR FIGHTER DYLAN. GET UP”, shouted Dr. Dylano.
Star fighter Dylan got up and headed down stairs. Katt had the idea of a joke which was in data banks. He screeched his wheels and revved his engine hard and harder and harder AND HARDER. And then… vroom! Katt speeded of down the road and then turbo boasted crash.
“OH NO”, said Dylan.
“WOOOOOOOOOOOHO”, screamed Katt turbo boasting out of the water because he had used a system hydro plane. It allowed Katt to drive on water. Katt returned. He was feeling good.
“Katt. You’re alive!”
“That’s right.
“This cool” said star fighter Dylan.
“Well”, said Dylan n. “We’ll do the best car ever created”.

They had supper that night. They watched movies then fell asleep.
“Night, Dr. Dylano”, said Dylan. “Night everyone. Knight Katt”.
“Good night”, said Katt.
He went to sleep.

The end

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