There is something strange going on.


by Shannon.

It was the usual day at the town called Mountains Fly in Ladybird Land. Flutter, Coco, Star, Mortimer and Jerry were playing football.

”GOAL”, said Coco, as she kicked the ball into the net.
“You cheated. That was a hedgehog silly”, shouted Jerry picking up the hedgehog carefully and putting it in a meadow.
“HELP HELP ME”, shouted a voice from the distance.
“Come on let’s go and help”, said Star and Coco. So they left their ball and ran in to Mountains Fly’s main street called Mountains Don’t Really Fly. But then they found out the ladybird needing help was Fing.

”What on earth”, said Jerry?
“No one is hurt”, said Mortimer.
“Look”, exclaimed Flutter.
At what?” asked Star?
“The ground”, said Flutter.

So looking at the ground they saw a feather, burn marks on the ground, an empty gun and a board of electric.
”That is very strange”, said Coco.
“Yes it is now I want an apology”, said Miss Reagatonter.
“Sorry but we have to go . Am afraid we have to find what is going on”, said Flutter.
”Mm”, said Miss Reagatonter as she left.

“Good. Now according to this map we need to buy a better one”, said Coco.
“Look over where Miss Reagatonter is going. Maybe we can get a map there”, said Star.
And so they went into the shop called Maps for Sale.
“Ok now where is it?” said Flutter as she looked at a shelf.
“I’m a town, I’m a city, Volcanoes fly better than mountains…a there it is… Mountains fly, the improved version”, said Coco, as she pulled it out off the shelf. So they bought it with all their pocket money for that week and set off in search for the strange thing going on.

”Look”, said Mortimer.
“At what”, said Jerry.
“That girl with wings of…” said Mortimer.
“FETERS”, shouted Jerry, Star, Coco and Flutter.
“Quick, let’s follow her”, said Star and off they ran.
“Where did she go?” said Jerry.
“Up there”, said Mortimer.
So they ran up the mountain called Guess What I’m a Mountain.

“Look, a building and its massive”, said Jerry.
“I know. It’s so big because every pupil lives here” said the girl who had wings and was the same size as Flutter.
“Wow”, said Mortimer and Jerry.
“What’s your name?”, said Coco. “And do you know who saved someone at Mountains fly’s main street?”
“Mountains don’t really fly”.
“O well my name is Fly and me, Lesery, Gunny and Aletrakoty saved her”, said Fly.
“Well that settles it. Thanks”, said Flutter.
“No problem. Am called Watery. I control water”.
“We’re called the Power Kids”, said Watery.
“That’s the same power I control. Maybe we should team up”, said Flutter.
“Great idea. I’m a fairy. I control fire”, said Fire.
“Same”, said Coco and Star.

So leaving Guess What Am a Mountain and went back to play their game and carrying a bag of fizzy pop that they bought with a 5 pound note they found in a drain.

The End

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  1.   Mrs Harries Says:

    I enjoyed reading your story very creative! Wishing you all best at the Academy.
    Mrs Harries


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