October 30, 2011

by Ace, Dean, Darren, Scott and Dylan N. I was getting in bed at night and it was getting really dark. I was getting into bed and I pulled the cover right over me to keep me warm when I heard noises coming from outside. The noises were coming from this spooky house next door. […]

Dino L.G.

October 13, 2011

by Darren. Once upon a time there were a car and it was red. And the name was called Dino GT. Dino GT had a brother and this car was called Dino LG. And he did not get rided at all. He just stayed there in the shop until Darren came along and walked into […]

The very talented young player, Barry Bannan.

October 13, 2011

By Scott. There is a footballer called Barry Bannan. He plays for Aston Villa and his country Scotland. Barry Bannan is a great young player. I will be getting Fifa 12 for Christmas for my play station 3 and I will sign him. Barry Bannon is a very talented young player and he has a […]

The Vampire Hunt.

October 12, 2011

by Liam. Two boys’ mums went out.  The boys went out. They phoned a babysitter. When the babysitter got here, the boys went out. The girl was going to sleep. The babysitter snuck out. The boys were going to a party. They seen the babysitter was a vampire. The boys ran. One of them found […]

Spiderman vs. Scorpion and Lizard.

October 11, 2011

by Corey and Paul. Spiderman was swinging from building to building and when he looked at his watch he was late for Mr. Crawford. When he went over there, lying there was Mr. Crawford’s arm on the table. “Hello Parker. You’re just ready for my latest invention. The Neario-Amatic”. “What does it do”, said Parker? […]

The Helicopter.

October 11, 2011

by Darren. The name of the helicopter: it was called Spiky. People did not ride him. It was an army helicopter. He was a lonely helicopter. It just stood there. It was rusty. And someone came up to Spiky and flew away in Spiky. Spiky was full with joy. Spiky thought it was scary. And […]

Night at the haunted hotel.

October 10, 2011

by Dylan N. Once upon a time there were 5 boys called Dylan n and Dean and Scott and Darren and Ace. They were boys who always had laughs. One night they were going fishing in the lake trying to catch fish. “I’m going to get a bite”, said Dylan. “Oh no you won’t. I […]


October 10, 2011

by Dylan L. I Like Tunisia. I liked the water It was nice. And I liked the shows. Tunisia is the best. I liked the aeroplane.

Dino G.T.

October 7, 2011

by Darren. Once upon a time there were a red car and it was Darren’s car. But it was automatic. It works like a monkey climbing up a tree. The car will probably beat the monkey up the tree. The car was called Dino GT. It was really fast. If I told you, you wont […]