I love my mummy.


By Spencer

I love my mummy
I love my mummy
She’s so srummary.

I like her yummy food
And I don’t like the sound of “dummy”.
I love my mummy.

3 Responses to “I love my mummy.”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Spencer this is a lovely poem about your mum
    I am sure that she will be so proud of you and pleased when she reads it. I like the rhyming words and will be glad when the ‘listen now’ button is working so that I can listen to the poem
    Well done.

  2.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Spencer this is an amazing poem about your Mum.
    I’m sure that your Mum will be proud and pleased when she reads this. I like all the rhyming words. It is a good happy picture of you with your mummy as well. Well done.

  3.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Ooops sorry Spencer I had a little problem with my computer and thought the first comment hadn’t been sent – hahahaha then you got both comments.
    Still really enjoyed the poem, have you shown it to your Mum yet?


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