by Paul.

One day a boy called Paul liked doing tricks on his bike. But one day he fell in a pot of radiation. But when he got out, he mutated into a three-headed freak. One head had sharp teeth. Another could breathe fire and the last could breathe ice and he grew enormous.

He crushed the house and the army. The general shouted, “Fire!”, but nothing worked. Paul dived into the water. Paul’s best friend Ben talked to some scientists. They made a formula but Paul must drink so Ben went to find him. But when Ben found his hideaway there was millions of eggs. And there was loads of fish. Ben got stinked off fish when the eggs started to hatch the animals were eating the fish. They looked like tiny T Rex. When Ben smelled him he smelled just like fish and when the baby T Rexes looked at one of the men it ate him. All the people ran, including Ben. They were hunted down one by one. Ben was the only one who got out alive. And then he seen Paul destroying the City Council and the army. Ben only knew one thing he could do. Mutate into a monster, but keep control. Ben ran to the factory and when he was ready he jumped into the green DNA.

Other News.
DNA Paul is going on a rampage down town destroying everything in his path. What is this? IT LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER DNA CREATURE? Ben and Paul had a massive face down. They were both brilliant fighters but Paul just got the best slip on Ben but then Ben tripped Paul up and gave him the antidote, And then Ben took the antidote. But the only problem but Paul had to pay the city’s bills. Paul looked at the bill and it said you have to owe the city 2,000 pounds and that’s only half the city.
The end.

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  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I so enjoyed reading this descriptive story. It is imaginative and scarey but also funny! I like the photograph of you with 3 angry heads – you were clever to make it look so real. I wonder how Paul will solve the problem to pay the £2,000. Well done.


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